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Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
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We at Fitch have partnered with the most trusted names in the business to bring you the highest quality, most technologically advanced products available. Scroll through our Products and Services below, and you will quickly see that we differentiate ourselves through an extensive list of industry leading partners, as well as thorough product knowledge.


One of the first steps in providing effective security is access control. Access control can limit who can access what areas, and provide a record of who entered which area and when. This helps protect your building, your assets, your information, and your people.

Access control software is user friendly and can be combined with other security features, such as surveillance cameras and intrusion detection devices to provide a more complete system. Access control provides a cost-effective alternative to keys, which can easily be copied or lost, thus compromising your security. Alternatively, biometrics, cards, and other credentials can easily be cancelled, added, or modified with the click of a button. You can manage your access control yourself, either on-site or remotely, or have Fitch Security Integration host and/or monitor it for you.

Some situations call for a different types of access control; this is where intercoms may be used. Intercoms allow visitors to “call” a concierge, security guard, or directly into suites, either for residential or commercial applications, in order to gain access.

Fitch Security is pleased to offer selected access control software hosting to our clients, which allows clients ease of movement with over 99.9% uptime connectivity to all sites. By having Fitch host your access control system, you can secure your facility without additional hardware, software, or training costs.

Fitch also offers its clients secure FTP storage space for use for security systems backup file storage.

We have partnered with some of the most well-known access control providers in the business to ensure you get the right solution, no matter what your situation.

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Centrally Managed Access Control

Managed Access Control allows you to access your access control software from our servers over the web, making it possible for you to manage your system from any connected device anywhere in the world. As we "manage" both the software and the hardware, you never have to worry about maintenance, software updates, computer updates or backups of your data. If you do not use managed access control now, you should talk to one of our representatives about this service, to find out if it suits your business needs.

Keyscan Managed Access Control Portals:

Click here for the Keyscan System VII Portal for Keyscan System VII panels.
Click here for the Keyscan Vantage Portal for Keyscan Vantage panels.

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Video surveillance systems let you keep a close eye on activities around, or inside, your premises. Today’s highly advanced cameras can perform a multitude of functions, from live and recorded high-resolution viewing, to IP solutions that allow you to remotely view live images on your PC or wireless device, and video analytics that do everything from licence plate recognition to people counting and facial recognition.

The options are infinite, and we can help you determine the right solution, and the right product, for your business.

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Door hardware is an integral part of any premise’s security. From simple hinges, door knobs, crash bars, latches and door closers, all the way to complex electronic locking mechanisms, the line between “hardware” and “electronics” is getting narrower. Of all security theories, two are prominent, the weakest link – meaning your security is only as strong as your most vulnerable part – and the layering of security – meaning that no one technology can stand on its own – from locks and door and lock hardware, environmental design, lighting, CCTV, intrusion alarms to access control systems, these are all important parts of the layering technique. To this point – lock and door and lock hardware play a pivotal role in protecting your facilities.

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Duress systems are often used in indoor parking facilities, health care institutions and multistory buildings. When a transmitter is pressed, an alarm is sent to a monitored location for response. The alarm information may include the identity of the transmitter holder and the exact location where the alarm was triggered.

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With the use of access control, intercom entry, remote access and wireless garage door entry systems, we help to protect your tenants and property from intruders. Gate/garage access is also a part of high rise security, allowing easy access for residents and visitors while helping prevent unauthorized access.

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Home Automation systems provide convenience, efficient energy management, and security for your home or small business. Various products in and around your home or business can be automatically controlled, including appliances, lighting, lawn maintenance, home entertainment systems, and heating and air conditioning. Management of the automated systems can be done through timers, centralized control, or remote access from a web device or smartphone.

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Intercom and Enterphone systems assist in access control, allowing visitors to "call up" to a resident at the touch of a button. Legitimate visitors can gain access, while unwanted guests are restricted.

We provide a variety of systems to meet the different needs of all commercial and residential applications, from single-station systems to large-scale electronic touch screen directories.

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Peace of mind comes from the comfort of knowing that you and your assets are protected. This is what an intrusion or burglary security system can provide. 24-hour remote monitoring, combined with a solution designed for your unique needs can ensure you get the best protection possible. Combine your intrusion alarm panel with glass break protectors and motion detectors, have the system configured to trigger your surveillance cameras to ensure you get a quality recorded image of any event, or add perimeter protection to create layered security and provide a first line of defense. At Fitch Security, we can create a system that works for you, providing you with the ultimate protection.

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IP Solutions

As the world becomes increasingly technologically savvy, it should be that your security system follows suit. IP technologies allow you to do more than simply record and review events on site, instead allowing you the freedom to log in remotely from any device to see what is going on in your home or business, to make changes to your access control system without even being in the building, and to have events and alarms sent directly to your smartphone or tablet, ensuring you the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage possible.

Let Fitch provide you with a future-proof, scalable IP solution that can let you do more than you ever thought possible.

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Monitoring / ULC

Quality equipment and superior customer service are just the beginning.  At Fitch Security Integration, we follow up our services with superior monitoring from our ULC Listed Central Station.  We provide a variety of monitoring options to suit your specific needs such as 24-hour security and fire system monitoring, elevator, duress station and CCTV (video) monitoring. 
What is more, we also provide ULC listed burglary and fire monitoring which is important when it is required to comply with Fire and Building Department Authorities and Insurance Carriers. Fitch Security has been a ULC listed ompany for over 20 years, which allows us to provide our clients with the most complete burglary and fire monitoring services possible - ULC certified installation and inspections ensuring ongoing code compliance with all ULC regulations. 
ULC`s Burglary and Fire Alarm System certificate programs are a reliable way to identify code complying Security and Fire Alarm Systems. These programs take the widely recognized ULC / ULc mark and place it on an installed system in the form of a certificate.  ULC certificates can only be issued by ULC listed companies.
For more information about Underwriter’s Laboratory of Canada, visit their website at www.ul.com/offerings/fire-and-security-service-solutions

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 To fully secure a site, the best approach involves layered security. Perimeter protection is the first line of defense for many businesses. Early detection of intruders can help preserve site assets and also decrease the time an intruder has on-site before police response.

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Turnstiles / Barrier Gates

A key component of any security plan is how to control your property entrances. Every entry into a building or site has its own unique differences. Entrance Control barriers have to provide security without reducing your business efficiency.

Entrance control products range from mechanical waist-high tripods commonly found in stadium entrances, to automated swing gates fitted with optical detection sensors in commercial lobbies, and high-security portals into restricted IT server farms. With a broad variety of products available, there is a suitable product for your security needs.

Finding the right product is only the first step however. A true solution involves knowing how to integrate barriers into your existing architecture while meeting building and fire codes. It`s important not to impede the flow of people at critical times. It`s equally important to know that your integration provider is available on demand, to keep your devices in proper working order so your security is not put at risk.

With all that in mind, there`s no sense in installing Entrance Control if it`s not integrated into your existing security solution. Fitch Security Integration partners with some of the most well-known manufacturers, to ensure any solution installed by Fitch is of the highest quality and reliability. We provide reliable and straightforward installation and system integration, no matter how involved your requirements for Entrance Control.

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