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Complete Security Solutions,
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Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
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A key component of any security plan is how to control your property entrances. Every entry into a building or site has its own unique differences. Entrance Control barriers have to provide security without reducing your business efficiency.

Entrance control products range from mechanical waist-high tripods commonly found in stadium entrances, to automated swing gates fitted with optical detection sensors in commercial lobbies, and high-security portals into restricted IT server farms. With a broad variety of products available, there is a suitable product for your security needs.

Finding the right product is only the first step however. A true solution involves knowing how to integrate barriers into your existing architecture while meeting building and fire codes. It`s important not to impede the flow of people at critical times. It`s equally important to know that your integration provider is available on demand, to keep your devices in proper working order so your security is not put at risk.

With all that in mind, there`s no sense in installing Entrance Control if it`s not integrated into your existing security solution. Fitch Security Integration partners with some of the most well-known manufacturers, to ensure any solution installed by Fitch is of the highest quality and reliability. We provide reliable and straightforward installation and system integration, no matter how involved your requirements for Entrance Control.

Automatic Systems

Fitch Security Integration Inc. is an Automatic Systems authorized dealer with technicians who have been factory-trained.

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