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Complete Security Solutions,
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Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
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Healthcare Security
Staff protection. Patient protection. Your protection.

Providing the best possible care to your clients is about more than just medicine – it’s about knowing they, and your staff, are safe and secure.

A quality access control system will allow you to separate clients from staff, and provide varying levels of access for secure areas, such as pharmaceutical or high value rooms. Intrusion alarms protect your facility from property theft, as well as protecting confidential medical records. Code duress stations provide personal protection for staff and help staff identify when a patient is in distress, wherever they are located.

An integrated surveillance system can provide records of occurrences within your facility, helping with both identification of individuals, and evidence for liability claims.
The larger your facility, the more important it becomes to have an integrated security solution, where your systems all work in tandem. Have your duress or intrusion system result in floor lockdowns to protect wandering patients or defend against unauthorized visitors. Have your video surveillance record based on events, as triggered by your requirements. Have your access control system provide detailed records of any entrance to secure areas, such as pharmaceutical rooms, and send an alert whenever selected doors are breached.

We at Fitch Security understand your needs, and have the experience to create an integrated solution that best protects you, your staff, and your clients.