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Complete Security Solutions,
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Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
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How effective security can make your life easier


Your time as a property manager is precious. An effective integrated security system can save you both time and money by addressing your unique concerns. Problems with vandalism? A video surveillance system can act as a deterrent, as well as help to identify culprits. Changing locks when tenants leave becoming too costly? An access control system gives you the freedom to activate and deactivate credentials quickly and easily, saving you time and money. We also offer managed hosting services, allowing you the freedom to access your system anytime, anywhere, without an on-site computer. Fitch Security understands your needs, and can create a solution to help your property run more efficiently.  

Why Access Control?

  • Control entrance to your facility without the added expense of reception and security personnel
  • Ensure only authorized individuals can enter the property, thus reducing likelihood of theft and vandalism
  • Negates the need to change locks due to tenant turnover or lost keys. Credentials can be reprogrammed easily and at little to no cost, ultimately leading to significant savings
  • Can be tied into surveillance system to show who is entering/exiting the building. Can be combined with facial recognition technology to alert security to prohibited individuals attempting to gain access
Why not tie all of your security together in one comprehensive system?