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Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind
Complete Security Solutions,
Total Peace of Mind

Retail Security



Do you have security concerns?

Retailers face a multitude of issues when it comes to security and surveillance. The most immediate concern is, of course, loss prevention. Most major retailers have entire departments dedicated to this ongoing problem, one that costs them incredible sums of money every year. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer report, theft costs the global retail industry $119 billion, up 6.6% from 2010. Losses can come in many forms: product theft by customers from a store shelf, from employees working the cash register, or from after-hours staff working in the back room. How then do we keep retailers from suffering such substantial losses?

We have security solutions.

Aside from basic security systems, which protects the store from large scale robbery and looting, surveillance cameras are one of the most important tools in the retailer’s arsenal.

Cameras placed strategically throughout your store can act as a deterrent to potential thieves, be they staff or customers. The idea that security staff could be watching may be enough to discourage potential perpetrators. For those not intimidated by cameras, technology has improved video quality to such a degree that we can now digitally zoom in on faces without distorting the images, providing the necessary proof that a theft has indeed occurred, and helping to identify the perpetrator.

But cameras can do more than just protect from losses, they can also help you to make potential gains. For example, cameras can help you monitor your store for marketing purposes. Which displays are generating the most interest? Where are customers lingering the longest? Which areas have the highest traffic? How many people are entering the store at what times? This data can then be used to determine future marketing campaigns.

To see how a security and surveillance system can be designed to help protect your assets and improve your productivity, contact Fitch Security Integration for a free security assessment.

Strategically placed cameras can help deter customers from product theft, ultimately protecting your company’s bottom line.


Not just for security, surveillance cameras can direct marketing campaigns by revealing which displays generate the most traffic.